Our Company was chartered in 2000 and currently consists of 6 Venturers 2 Advisors. As a company we enjoy backpacking, skiing camping and just about anything else you can imagine.

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Our Company Consists of the following Members:

Pat Gillis              (VA7PAT)   - President
Kyle Tiney           (VA7KST)   - Secretary-Treasurer
Greg Roots          (VA7GFR)   - QuarterMaster
Daniel Stringhetta (VA7STR)   - Member
Bryan Gleave       (VA7BRG)   - Member
Matt Roots          (VA7RTS)   - Member
Jim White           (VA7VMW)  - Advisor
Curtis Harding     (VA7TCH)   - Advisor

We are members of Port Coquitlam EPCom (Emergency Prepardness Communications) and SCARES (Scouts Canada Amatuer Radio Emergency Services).

We were at CJ01in Prince Edward Island running a HAM Radio Station with the 1st Sun Valley Venturers from Winnepeg Manitoba

Three of our venturers participated in PJ03 at Camp Byng in Sechelt British Columbia it was a success.
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Welcome to the Website of the 49th Port Coquitlam Venturer Company.
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Our company is officailly registered with the 4th Port Coquitlam Scouting Group. The Name 49th came from when we were in our second year of scouts. That year our group was fairly small. It happens that another group in the district that year also had a small group and only one leader. This lead to a common meeting place and the eventual registering of thier members in our group. Not before we came up with a new badge for the combined group and the new name that stuck.
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