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If you have any questions, or don't understand a diagram, or need a definition of any words and/or terms, please email me. I want to make this site as useful to guitarists as possible. Right-click the links and open in new window. Scroll down, there's a lot of stuff!

Absolute Beginners should click here

The Fretboard basics

Walking The Board - A Finger Exercise For Beginners

Strum Patterns - counting time and simple strums for beginners

Words and chords to Stand By Me

Words and chords to Up On The Roof

Words and chords to Donna


Brown Eyed Girl

Words and chords to How Great Thou Art

A collection of Christmas Carols

Words and chords to Under The Boardwalk

Words and chords to Miles And Miles Of Texas

Guitar Maintenance


Number System

The Harmonized Scale

The Moveable Chord Concept

The 27 Chords You Should Learn First

Common Major Chords

Minor Chords

What's The Difference Between a 7 Chord, a Major7 Chord, and a Minor7 Chord?

Suspension, "Suspended Chords", Sus, Sus4, Sus2, Add2

How to Read TAB

Scales Versus Scale-Forms!

Scale Forms! Learn These!

Lead Pattern 1

Lead Pattern 2

Both Lead Patterns dovetailed together

Major and Minor Pentatonic

Aolian Mode (Natural Minor)

Harmonic Minor

Examples of Scale Forms! In TAB!

Using The Scale Forms

Modes! In the same Scale Forms!

Warm-Up patterns

Ear Training Exercise

The Blues Scale and the Major/Minor Scale

Blues Chords and Turnarounds


How do you get that tone?

Watch the videos below.

If you are interested in what gear I personally use, click here.

Picturing The Chords

The following links are GIF's. Right-click and save as file. Or right-click and open in new window.

Memory tricks for the names of your strings

Memory tricks for the names of the notes on each string

Chord Structure

Open Chords

The C-A-G-E-D format

Introducing the C-A-G-E-D method by janeedles@yahoo.com

Shortened forms

The F Chord

The B flat Chord

The C Form Chord

Major Chord Moveable Forms (Barre Chords)

Minor Chord Moveable Chord Forms (barre chords)

Suspended 4 Chords (sus4 chords, sus chords)

2 Chord Moveable Forms (sus2, add2, add9)

Applying the E form & A form Moveable Chord Forms (barre chords)

"Slash" Chords explained

Non-Standard Chords

Before you try the Tap GIF's, make sure you know How to Read TAB!

Tapping for beginners

Tapping two

Tapping three

Tapping four

Lead Pattern 1

Lead Pattern 2

Both Lead Patterns Dovetailed on the Fretboard.

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