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I had to work late!

I had to stay after school!

I over-slept!

My parent's were asleep!

My kids were asleep!

My wife was asleep!

My husband was asleep!

I had to:
wash the dishes
do the laundry
feed the cat
walk the dog
clean the litter box

Ok, you get the point. Life is full of distractors, but I still find time to play my guitar everyday. How?

Where is your guitar right this moment? It should be in plain view and accessible. If it is in the case, in the closet, or under the bed, or anywhere that you can't see it and pick it up on impulse, you are wasting valuable practice time getting it out and putting it away.

keep your guitar in a stand next to your bed, or desk, or favorite chair. If you only have 10 minutes before bedtime, pick it up and run your scales and warm-up patterns. If you have to leave for school, 10 minutes before you leave, pick up your guitar.

Practice early in the day, make it a priority. Only you can make it not important. Only you can demand of yourself time to play guitar. Only YOU can make YOU a better guitarist!

Now pick up your guitar and practice! :)

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