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Randy's Guitar Clinic

About 1guitarjunkie!

I was born in Rockford, Illinois. Family moved to Champaign, Illinois when I was 2 years old.
I grew up there. Took violin lessons in grade school, and got my first guitar in August, 1966,
at the age of 12 years old. It changed my life. I have been addicted to guitar ever since.
Played my first paying gig in fall of 1969. Majored in voice (Southern Illinois University, Carbondale).
Decided not to teach, so after college I went on the road with several bands over the years.
The music biz changed when cable TV and big screen TV started replacing bands in many clubs.
I joined the Army in 1982, Spent 13 years in in Military Intelligence, still playing guitar when I could.
Left the Army after the first gulf war and now work at a nuclear power plant when I am not playing guitar.
In the above video clip, I am the one with the white Les Paul.

If you are interested in what gear I personally use, click the pic of my gear.

This is a free site, and everyone is welcome here. You can
help me keep this page up by shopping at the Amazon links
on my page. You will get the same great prices, service and
selection as always, but you will be helping my page. Thanks!
Now pick up your guitar and practice! :)

I'll be updating my page between gigs and students, so please, bear with me.
I'll improve the page based on input from you, the user.

Email me at sadewater@hotmail.com
Please come back soon and visit me.

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