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There are many paths or "traditions" within Wicca. If you are not familiar with this concept, return to our main page at Outer Gate Wicca. There, you may follow the links to other sites that deal with the concept of Wicca in general. The GateKeeper is a path within Wicca.


Traditions or paths are a mind-set within Wicca. Based upon the experiences in the life of the individual, she/he is either drawn to a particular tradition or walks the path of "the craft" as an ecclectic. Most traditions accept the ecclectic point of view, and realize that every person is in this life to experience it with a certain mind-set. Traditional ideas offer a tried and true path of learning in a structured way, but to be Wiccan, each path must include the following creedo :

Harm None


There are hundreds of GateKeepers around the world. We thought in the early 90's that we started something new, but since then, we have heard from many people on this path. There exists many portals on this planet. A portal is a doorway between realms. The realms to which "portal" refers to in this page are the Realm of the Spiritual and the Realm of the Physical. Through this doorway passes many forms of energy. The GateKeeper recognizes these forms as Elemental, Underworld or Outerworld creatures. We know how to communicate safely with these "creatures", and either welcome them to the outer edge of our circles, or banish them back to the Spiritual Realm. There may be Sylphs, Gnomes, Salamanders, Undines, Dragons, Sprites, or a host of other named forms often in the mythical fashion. It takes practice and concentration to experience these forms of energy, but the GateKeeper has evolved as such.
There is one of these portals within our geographical location. It is in-between the Gulf of Mexico and the edge of the Florida Everglades. The GateKeeper recognizes his/her responsibility, knowing that Florida is a physical gateway to the continental United States. We do not minimize the importance of other portals in the land, but we take the responsibility for the one that we have encircled, and try to make the connection between those of the physical world and those of the spiritual world compatable to both. We defend the creatures of our lands, and keep "sacred space" on our properties to practice our craft.

Traditional Beliefs of the GateKeeper

We believe in the balance of the male and the female form of deity. We honor the lord and lady at all circles, and may call them a different name from numerous pantheons of ancient tradition. We also believe that each form is a specific attribute of deity, and the names used at circles is dependant upon the purpose of the rite(s) being held.

Our group circles are celebrations of connection to specific themes. Each circle is carefully constructed three-fold, and warded by the Watchtower Guardians at each quarter. We do not perform spell-work within group circles, but what we do is magick to those in the proper frame of mind. Ritual should produce this proper frame of mind, and our rites are designed with this concept in mind. We also realize that a good ritual allows for spontaniety.


The drum is the heartbeat of our circles. Good drumming within ritual causes a sense of one-ness with the spiritual realms. The drums fuel the fire of the dance, which we have found to be an effective form of raising energy and free-form worship. The drum also provides a rythem for chants, which are a part of the theory and practice of magick.

Magickal Ritual is present in all forms of religion. Certain symbolic acts are performed in almost every religion's worship meeting, from Christianity to Paganism. Whether it be the Christian comunion ceremony, or the Wiccan great rite, the act that represents connection to a specific theme is one of a magickal nature. How effective it is depends upon the sincerity and performance of those involved.

Thank you for glimpsing the Path of the GateKeeper.

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