These Genealogy pages are dedicated to the loving memory of my grandparents Samuel and Helene (Helen) Rose. I never had the pleasure of meeting my grandfather, he died 3 years before I was born. All I have is some stories and a couple of pictures.

My grandfather had this tradition. There is a picture of him taken with each of his grandchildren as babies on his shoulders. I would give anything to have known him.

I was named after my grandmother. She was one of the most wonderful people on this earth. All the kids loved her, I remember when I was little she used to come and stay with us for a few weeks in the summer, all the kids in the neighboorhood used to call her Grandma.

In the 2 years that I have been researching my family, I have come across alot of information, although I cannot take all the credit. I want to thank each and everyone of my family members for their contributions to my ongoing project. Without all of you, I wouldn't be where I am today.

A special thanks to my Mom who has been taking trips to her Family History Center to do research for me, when I haven't been able to make it to mine.

This is a Family Project so if any family members wish me to add or omit anything please let me know. I also welcome any ideas you may have.

As with any genealogy pages I am constantly changing and updating information, so please come back often, and don't forget to Sign My Guestbook, and let me know what you think.

I thought it would be fun if everyone in the family contributed a memory of our grandparents and/or parents. Please come on in and read our Memories....


Now on to the good on the links below to bring you closer to my family. If you think that we may have a family connection, please e-mail me.

The Rose Family

The Theis Family

I have also included this Links page, in hopes that they will help you in your research, as much as they have helped me in mine.

You know, I think it is nice to know alittle bit about the person behind the web pages. I am a 37 year old stay at home wife and mother of 3 boys. Why don't you go ahead and grab a cup of your favorite beverage, come on in and sit down and meet me and my family.


I have been blessed with some awards and gifts from some wonderful friends, if you have a minute, come on in and take a look at some of them.

I would like to take a moment to thank Heather for these beautiful graphics she has made for me to display on my web pages. It was like you were reading my mind, they are exactly what I was looking for.

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