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This site was originally created as a resource for my students in U. S. History at San Jose City College. On the following pages you will find some tips on learning techniques and a few lecture outlines from the 17A and 17B courses. These two pages will remain static, frozen in time from my retirement in June, 1999. The dynamic pages, intended to be regularly updated, are CONTEMPORARY ISSUES and HISTORY LINKS. All material found herein may be downloaded and copied for your personal use.


Contact me at my email address below or: Dale Debold, 1100 Pacific Marina, # 802, Alameda, CA 94501


This site is also home to the pages I've created as a tribute to Progressive Rock-N-Roll Music. Genesis and its members' solo careers will be most especially featured. "Other progressive rock" performers will also be included: Jon Anderson and Yes; Roger Hodgson and Supertramp; and more to come.

History 17a
History 17b
History Links
Contemporary Issues
Genesis Master Page
Other Progressive Rock Groups

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