USATC steam locomotive S160 class

Photo Chris Meadowcroft
The S160 class was built for the United States Army Transportation Corps by the most important US manufacturers like ALCO, Baldwin and Lima. They were supplied to Greece after the war and became class , with a second batch bought 3rd hand from Italy in 1959-60 (FS 736 class). They were used to the end of steam in 1977. 525 was preserved in semi-working order, while 575 was sold in 1984 to the Mid-Hants Railway, where it still works.
Data of S160 class
Whell arrangement 2-8-0 Heating Surface(ft) 1765
Loco. Weight in Working Order(t) 72 Loading Capacity of Water(gallons) 5400
Weight on Driving Wheels(t) 61 Loading Capacity of Fuel(t) 8
Tender Weight in Working Order(t) 52 Height of Boiler Center 9'3"
Max Axle Weight(t) 16 Length of Locomotive and Tender 61'
Diameter of Driving Wheel 57" Height 12'10"
Cylinder Dimensions 19"X26" Length of Locomotive 37'1"
Boiler Pressure(lb/in) 225 Length of Tender 23'11"
Grate Area (ft) 41

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