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Please note: The Paean in Progress is only being updated on Don't miss out on the more recent additions.

My latest amendation: Ragnarok (revised and expanded) (8 July 99)

If you think something's missing... Loki and Baldr has now been moved to its own page (revised and expanded).

New outside contributions: Loki and Christ: A Scrutiny of Their Similarities by Carol Robe (27 June 1999). Don't check your sense of humour at the door.

The article which previously appeared in this space has been moved to

The Short Voluspa and Haustlong

In the interests of space, my introductory remarks and links to the texts of the Short Voluspa and Haustlong have been moved to their own page.

"Art is a lie that tells the truth." -- Pablo Picasso

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Loki: An Introductory Outline This was originally prepared at the request of the editors of the Midgard Web Lorebook, to give basic information on the Clever One to the general reader. The kennings which were formerly on this page can now be found here.

Sigyn All we can safely say about Loki's wife.

*new* Ragnarok Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Jotuns

Mythic Time More questions than answers on how to approach the issue of time as it relates to our myths.

Summary First, it was "Otter's Ransom" and now a brief explanation of Skadi. These were originally posted to the alt.mythology newsgroup, but since they're relevant to Loki I thought these "Cliffs Notes" might be of some interest.

Giants, Thor, and Loki An incomplete dialogue touching on various points concerning the aforementioned, to be amended as time allows.

"The so-called dark side is not wholly an evil or negative place or force; after all, some things remain in the shadows because we've placed them there out of fear or squeamishness." -- Jay Kinney

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Outside Opinion

This author extends sincere thanks and undying gratitude to all who allow their work to be republished in this forum.
COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Please note articles on this site remain the property of the author and cannot be printed/displayed elsewhere without the author's permission.
What is a Lokean? (copyright 1999) by Alice Karlsdottir

Loki, Father of Strife (copyright 1991) by Alice Karlsdottir. Republished from the "Gnosis" article of the same name with the author's permission. To my knowledge, this is its first appearance anywhere on the web.

Worshipping Loki (copyright 1995) by Alice Karlsdottir. The how and why of a Loki blot, as well as a poem to Loki.

*new* Loki and Christ: A Scrutiny of Their Similarities (copyright 1999) by Carol Robe. A Swiftian analysis of this controversial subject.

How Sif Got Her Golden Hair by Thorskegga Thorn. A story with a rather different take on the whys and wherefores of this notable event.

The Riddles of Horn by Thorskegga Thorn. An original story which consolidates a few myths with a lot of imagination.

Loki, the Unsung Hero, or, The Great Surt Conspiracy Theory by Lyulf. An inspired piece of lunacy... or is it?

Loki the Fool (copyright 1982) by Alice Karlsdottir. Used with the author's express permission.

Spider in the Web A poem about Loki, by Ungandiz.

Truly Terrible Heathen Poetry So bad that it's good. But don't take my word for it, read it for yourself...

A little off-topic, but amusing enough that I couldn't pass it up: Top 10 Ways You Can Know You're a Berserkr in Modern Society by Úlfgrim Vílmeiðson. This was originally posted to a.r.a., but I thought it deserved a wider airing.

Loki art Face of Chaos, by Tara-Kimberley Labus. Click on the image to view full size. This artwork is also covered by copyright and cannot be printed/displayed elsewhere without the artist's permission.
Loki, by Iscariot Lox. Click on the image to view full size. This artwork is also covered by copyright and cannot be printed/displayed elsewhere without the artist's permission. Loki art
Loki art Loki, by Thorskegga Thorn. Click on the image to view full size. This artwork is also covered by copyright and cannot be printed/displayed elsewhere without the artist's permission.

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More Personal Opinion... Quite Possibly Irrelevant, but Perhaps Not

The Future of the Past

Why Am I Here?

It Said What? Or: If you can't translate it yourself, don't depend on a program to do it for you. An excrutiating example.

Works in progress: An article on Loki and "Trickster Theory," a more in-depth contextual analysis using the characteristics of the trickster as enumerated by contemporary scholars. Begs the question of why tricksters are among the most common mythological figures studied by scholars, but relegated by the contemporary pagan community to a small, dusty corner. Also: an article on Post-modernism as a Lokean paradigm.

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Loki and Other Tricksters
Heathen Humour

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