Welcome to Sailor Mars' Rec Room!!

Me and Serena in my Rec Room.

Rei: Hi! Welcome to my Rec Room! Come on in, I'll show you around.

Serena: (peeks around Rei's shoulder) Who is it, Rei??

Rei: Serena! It's our guests! I told you they were coming today!

Serena: Oh! Heh heh, Hi there!

Rei: Sit down, make yourselves comfortable! (mumbles to herself) Now, where are those cookies?? I was sure that Lita had brought a batch over earlier today.
(sees Serena)
Meatball head!!! Those are the cookies for our guests!

Serena: I'm sorry Rei, but they looked so yummy and I was starved! I was only going to try a few...

Rei: You ate the whole thing! (sighs) Well, I'm afraid, due to monkey brain over here, that I can't offer you any refreshments. Well, if you'd like to follow me, I'll show you the highlights of my Rec Room!

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New Addition!!!

I've just compiled one of the largest galleries of Sailor Uranus and Neptune!! Check it out! :)

Come see Haruka and Michiru!

Another Update!!!

I've added a page of Web-Goodies for YOU people with your OWN web-sites! :) I haven't made a nifty button for it yet, it's brand new, but you can access it by clicking on this link ----> HERE!

Yet Another Update!!

The Mamoru and Usagi Manga Gallery has been updated! I've converted these to thumbnails and split them up for faster downloading and also added MANY new pictures, so come see! ----->Just Click Here!

Updated on Aug 16th!

I'm totally remaking the Silly Scout gallery! It's going to be MUCH bigger, but is in thumbnails and split up...the first page is up but I'll need more time for the rest, come see! ------>By Clicking Here!

Photo Album

Rei: Here's my photo album! It contains tons and tons of pics of me and all of my friends!! I have them organized into different sections, to make it easier for you to find the pictures that you are looking for. (smiles)

Serena: Rei...where did you get all these pictures of me and Darien? (raises an eyebrow at Rei)

Rei: Um, er, well...

Everyone except Serena: (blushes)

Serena: You guys have been spying on me, haven't you!

Mina: Well, we *are* supposed to watch over you and protect you...plus you guys are super romantic!


Rei: If you'd like to see what's on TV, feel free to click on the icon!

Serena: I wanna watch TV!! Let's see what's on! (grabs for the remote)

Rei: Ser-e-na! Stop it! The guests get to choose what we do first!

Serena: Oh, Rei, stop being so bossy all the time! (sticks her tongue out at Rei.)

Rei: Serena, if you weren't so immature I wouldn't have to tell you what to do all the time! And besides, this is *my* Rec Room not *yours*, and I'll do whatever I want thank you ver...

Lita: Knock it off guys! Just let the guests do what they want! Geez, those two fight *all* the time! Sorry about that! (smiles)

Serena: Lita! When did you get here??

Lita: Oh just a few minutes ago, long enough to hear you guys scaring our guests away with your fighting.

Serena: Oh ok, I'll let the guests choose...just click on the tv when you want to.

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