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May 26, 2003

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hank you for visiting my Yessite!  Whether you have been a Yesfan since the release of their first album 34 years ago, or are new to the wonderous world of Yes, I hope you enjoy my site!

So pull up a chair (well, you're probably already sitting... I don't think many people surf the net while standing!), grab some popcorn and something to drink*, and take a look around!  There's lots of stuff to check out here, and some things here are perpetually changing, so  if you like what you find here, you may want to bookmark the page.
*(food & drink optional)
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My Wonderous Yesstory

I became a Yes fan on Tuesday, July 7, 1998.  You may ask, "Howe do you know the exact date?"  Read on!

I was about 3 years old when the album 90125 came out.  As most people know, "Owner of a Lonely Heart" was Yes's biggest hit, which was from that album.  I remember watching the video on MTV, and I loved the song!  My uncle, who lived with my mother and myself at the time, bought the LP and played it quite a bit.

The years passed, and every now and again I would hear "Owner of a Lonely Heart" on the radio, but couldn't remember who sang it.  Whenever I would hear it on the radio I would say to myself, "I really gotta find out who did this song and get the album!"  But since I was so young when it came out, I just couldn't recall the name of the group.90125

Then, in mid-June of 1998, my mother found out that The Alan Parsons Project was going to be touring with Yes and coming to our hometown in early July.  My mother really likes Alan Parsons, so naturally she wanted to go to the concert.  She wasn't sure who to take, though.  I had heard some of Parsons' music, and I like some of it, so I offered to go with her to the concert.  I didn't know who Yes were, so I asked her.  It just so happened that she had two Yes CDs, Classic Yes and Big Generator.  She popped Classic Yes into the CD player for me to hear.  I believe that the song she played for me was "Starship Trooper", but I really don't remember.  My very first impression of their music was that it was weird, and that the song seemed to last forever.  I told her that, and she told me that if we weren't enjoying ourselves that we could leave early.

A week or so passed and I happened to be looking through my music club catalog, and I was looking in the Classic Rock section, as usual, and what should I find there but Yes!  It was the YesYears boxed set, on sale at a dramatically reduced price (which I later found was due to the fact that it was the boxed set that didn't include the YesYears video), and I proceeded to look at the track listing.  I spotted "Owner of a Lonely Heart".  Naturally, I had to share my find with my mother.  I ran into the kitchen, catalog in hand, where she was preparing dinner and said to her exitedly,"Yes sings Owner of a Lonely Heart?!?"  She said to me in an offhand manner:  "Yeah, you didn't know that?"
On the eighth day God created Yes
Well, needless to say, we went to that concert.  And I had a great time!  Yes put on an amazing show, and their music truly touched me that night.  The stage design and lighting were awesome, as was the band's musical ability!  That one concert was enough to turn me into the person I am today - the "yeschic".
after the concert, I bought that YesYears boxed set that I had found in my music catalog.  I think that this particular set was a great introduction to the music of Yes, because it spans the first 20+ years of the band (1969-1991).

I vividly recall the day it arrived at my house:  I came home from work, and here was this big box sitting there, waiting for me to open it...and of course I did - immediately!  I practically tore open the box, but carefully took the plastic wrap from off the box the CDs were in.  As soon as I got it open, Disc 4 was in my CD player, and I was jammin' to "Owner of a Lonely Heart".

Of course I didn't just listen to the YesWest songs on YesYears, I listened to it all.  It took a while for me to get used to some of their stuff, but I kept an open mind.  "Don't Kill the Whale" took a particularly long time for me to warm up to, not because I don't like the message of the song - I do! - but there was just something about that song that I just really couldn't get into.

After having YesYears and no other Yes for a while, I decided that since I listen to YesYears so much, maybe I should go out and buy one of their other albums.  Well I did.  I bought two, actually:  90125 and Open Your Eyes.  My collection just grew from there, and soon (oh soon the light) I had almost all of their albums and one video:  Greatest Video Hits.  The video is what turned me on to a couple of songs which were not included on the boxed set:  "Madrigal" (from the 1978 album, entitled Tormato) and "Into the Lens" (from the 1980 album, entitled Drama).  "Madrigal" was an instant love.  The moment I heard it, I just fell in love with the song.  "Into the Lens" is one of those songs that had to grow on me.  The first time I saw it on the video, I laughed at it, saying "Oh boy, this guy's out there...He thinks he's a camera!!"  But it grew on me, and I really like the song now (definetly great work on the bass and guitar, courtesy of Chris Squire and Steve Howe, respectively.  And you just gotta love Geoff Downes' vocorder on that song!).
  I now have every Yes album ever made, and am currently working on acquiring Yes members' solo works (a major project indeed!). Yes's newest recording, entitled Magnification, was released in December 2001.  If you don't have it yet, run, don't walk, to your nearest record store and buy it now! It has a lot of love songs on it so I was never really able to get into it much (especially since it came out the day after my boyfriend broke up with me, although since then I've found the love of my life...).

Rick Wakeman has rejoined Yes (for the umpteenth time...better see them soon before he quits again!) and the band is currently touring Europe, Asia and Australia.  Tickets for many cities have already gone on sale, so hurry before all the good seats are taken!!  Find out the most up-to-date news regarding these events, including a tour itinerary, at YesWorld.

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Yes Rock & Roll Hall of Fame + Museum Induction

Yes have been around 30 years!  And they still kick @$$!It has come to the attention of many of my fellow Yesfans that, even after 30 years, Yes still have not been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame + Museum!  We can do something about this!!  Let's speak our minds, fellow Yesfans!  Let's give back to the guys who have given us so much!  Yes is long overdue for this sort of recognition!  Here's what we can do:

Write a letter to the following address, politely requesting that Yes be inducted into the Rock Hall.  In this letter, also accuately point out Yes's historical significance.  I think the best way to go about writing the letter is to write it in as professional a tone as possible.  The address to write to is:

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation
1290 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10104

Before you dismiss writing this letter, please consider the following Yes quotes:

"Without Hope You Cannot Start the Day."

"As long as we see there's only us who can change it, only us to rearrange it at the start of a new kind of day."

"It Can Happen."

Thank you for your continued support of this wonderful band!  Keep your fingers crossed that we'll be seeing Yes inducted into the Rock Hall "Soon, oh soon the light."

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I have found many great, hard to find Yes and Yes-related items here.
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My Yesstories!
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Okay, I think I ought to be nice & say some stuff about everyone who's helped me with this site.  I realise I couldn't have done this without a little help, and luckily I have some great friends who are really smart and willing to help me.  Some people may remember the last site I had up here at this same address, and although everyone said that it was a really good site, I felt differently.  So here is my dream page, chock full of links & graphics.  And I'm quite pleased with it!!  So here it is, a section of my page dedicated to thanking everyone who has helped me with this site.

First of all I want to thank my friend Steve.  He has done so much for me as far as computing goes!  Steve dumped a whole bunch of really cool graphics onto my computer one day, some of which are on this page right now!  Thank you for all the work you've done on my computer (now I can play cd-roms thanx to you!!)  Thank you for putting up with my craziness and my lack of knowledge about computers!  Thanks for telling me about Netscape Composer, which is what I used to create this page...  without this program I would have been banging my head up against the computer screen trying to figure out the Geocities file manager!!  Also, thank you for helping me when this program turned out not to be as simple as I thought at first!!  (Still better than Geocities file manager though...)

The current Yes logo
The next person who I would like to thank is my friend David.  I met David online at the Yes club, and a couple times while working on this page, I got stuck and luckily he was online at the time and was able to help me fix the problems.  Thank you David!!  My site would be all messed up without you!

Thank you to all my friends for your support and interest in my website!!!

Thank you ever so much to YES!!  I doubt any of the guys are reading this, but I just want to say THANK YOU!!  This page would not even exist if it weren't for Yes!  Yes have made this page possible!
Original Yes logo
Thank you to everyone whose site I copied Yes graphics from!!  The list is pretty long, so I'll just name a few:  YesWorld, Notes From the Edge, Forgotten Yesterdays, Yeshoo and The Yes Webmaster Media Shop.  Most images on this page are copyrighted by other people.

And I can't forget one more very important person...  You!!!  Thank you for visiting my website!!

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