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Well, I do some of the time. What? Oh, hello! Glad you could make it! You are welcome here. Step in and hang around for awhile (but don't forget the great outdoors!) You'll notice this site focuses on California and the West Coast, and has many links to this effect. On top of that, this place exists to provide ways for us to interact with eachother. You are encouraged to Sign the Guestbook . We use the comments box as a Trading Post where you can exchange information about happenings, news , ideas, and trade music,sounds, tapes, stories, advice, and so much more. The years have flown by, and Beachwood Sparks and All Night Radio are both memories. You can look at http://www.flyingradiobats.com to see some more about that. I'm taking up pedal steel, also, so check in to learn more about this magic American instrument. Been drawing and painting on clothes nowadays. Also gone into the Hot Nuts business with a good recipe from my Aunt Linda. It's been great having this site and the future is looking great! Really, it depends on you, the visitor.Please E-mail me with any ideas you've got about all this... PLEASE E-MAIL ME IF YOU EXPERIENCE ANY TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES!):: This should get interesting...it's constantly growing! Steady as she goes now. Take it all in/check it all out. Glad you stopped by., XOX Farmer Dave







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(issue#1:) picture of yacht is from some ship that tours the Galapagos islands. the company can be found somewhere on the net, but I lost the site. Please, nobody sue me, just let me know who you are, and I'll give you all the glory for this beautiful picture. If anyone sees this yacht someplace else, let me know. can YOU find them?

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