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This is not a racist page! Please take your time and understand what is being said here!

You will notice that in several of the documents listed below, Brother Gregory is described as a "free white Christian". These are documents of identity. If someone of another race or religion were to become sovereign through us, their identity documents would reflect their particulars (example: I "your name", being a free "your race" "your religion" do hereby etc...) This info is for EVERYONE!!!

Brothers for Mercy Info


starSovereignty Infostar

starHemp Helpstar

starThe Bill of Particulars: How we can help if you've been arrestedstar

starAppendix to Petition for Redress of Grievancesstar

starE-mail to brothergregory@hotmail.comstar

Our E-mail policy: No large files unless they're zipped. No pornography, perversions, vulgarity, etc... Other than this, please feel free to send us any type of unsolicited stuff! We want to hear from YOU!

Certified documents for you to view.

Please be patient, some of them may load slowly.

starBrother Gregory tried to free African Americans in Georgiastar
Petition for Redress of Grievances

starBrother Gregory's Civil Deathstar
Page 1-- Page 2

starPublic notice of Brother Gregory' civil deathstar
Page 1-- Page 2

starDocumentation of lawful marriagestar
Page 1-- Page 2-- Page 3-- Page 4-- Page 5

starBrother Gregory's at law ID paperworkstar
Page 1-- Page 2-- Page 3-- Page 4

starBrother Gregory's ID cardstar
Front-- Back


Behold's paperwork is the best that there is.

starTruth in Law Associationstar
Excellent resource for American patriots with emphasis on Texas law.

starSecret to Reclaim Your Powerstar
I haven't looked at this site in great depth, but a brief overview implies that their legal info is on point. It is definately a fun site, easy to read, not dry or boring. Let me know what you think.

starThe National Organization for Non-Enumerationstar
How to function without a Social Security number. I'll have more info on them soon. I haven't ordered any of their info yet, let me know if you have.

starBrooks Designsstar
Lots of info with emphasis on Native American issues.

starThomas Jefferson on Politics & Governmentstar
Info about Thomas Jefferson.

starACTUAL PHOTOGRAPH-"Mark of the Beast"star
The title says it all.

starMarijuana Licensestar
Why marijuana is LEGAL. This is an excellent site. They have done some extremely interesting research.

starThe Activist Cookbookstar
A hands on manual for activists.

starThe Militia Watchdogstar
They have an EXCELLENT list of links. They have links to HUNDREDS of patriots, militias and conspiracy buffs, with interesting reviews of each page.

starLiving Word Ministrystar
Meets in Atlanta. The only qualms that I have with their work is their innaccurate assertation that we are under Admiralty Law. We are under Martial Law Rule. They are difinately worth checking out anyway.

starGraphics were donated by Web GraFXstar
Thank you!

starPatriots Placestar
A ton of patriot info.

A ton of patriot info.

starThe Republic of Vermontstar
The title says it all.

starThe Constitution Societystar
The Militia Watchdog described this page as one of the best patriot pages on the web.

starGovernment Addicts Anonymousstar
Lots of info.

starThe Gateway to Financial freedomstar
I have not personally tried any of their products so I can't vouch for their validity. Check them out and use your best judgement. If you try any of their services, please feel free to E-mail me and let me know how it goes.

starPantarh's Patriot Pagestar
If you send your children to public school, READ THIS.

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green dragon Many years ago, men of strong mind, strong will and strong character used to meet in The Green Dragon Tavern.  Coming together secretly, and often late at night, they met upstairs in the Long Room.  Here . . . they planned the destiny of our country, and plotted the course of freedom which we now sail.  

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