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Chaos's name is R2B-Z5
"If your here, whose bringing the Ronto's?"
"The droid."
"That's the one."
"Your having a droid that is only good for walking into walls, bring our escape animals?"
"Would you rather stay here?"
-Matguop and Wojklopi while escaping from Jabbas Palace
    Not much is known about the droid R2B-Z5 before he left Tatoine.  What is known about him is that once you meet him you'll wish you hadn't.....

    I am currently adding the information used in R2B-Z5's adventures and campaign.  The Information is broken down into the following categories:
The Story

  •  Summary
  • Stats

  • Characters
  • Ships
  • Aliens

  • Misc.
  •  Misc.
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