ALIENS/Colonial Marine Corps
The Colonial Marine Corps

This Time, It's War...

Weyland-Yutani Offical-"Burke, we've lost contact with the colony on LV 426. Take Gorman and his team to investigate."

Weyland-Yutani Offical-"We don't want anyone to learn that the Company has deliberatly infected colonists to smuggle Alien specimens past ICC Quarenteen."

Burke-"Yes sir"

Weyland Yutani Offical-"It is imperitive that you get Ripley to trust you, she's famililar with the Xenomorph, and we may need her help to bring one out alive."


Weyland-Yutani Offical-"Well than understand this. The Bio-Weapon's Division has orders to eliminate anyone who attempts to interfear. Obviously they won't be aware of your team's mission."

Courtesy of Keith Rose, from the game ALIEN TRILOGY for Playstation.

Aliens is one of the greatest films of all time, second only to The Star Wars Trilogy in my opinion. This movie took both action with horror and mixed them with science fiction, something few films have been able to do. After all, how often do US Marines fight a losing battle? Especially US Marines armed to the teeth like these guys. Of course, these aren't your average aliens. They don't phone home or communicate with Richard Dreyfuss with music. They have bodies of armor, acid for blood, and are mean as hell. I'd rather deal with Yoda than an alien any day of the week.

New Stuff!

Last update was February 9th, 1998. Armor and Dropship Specs have been added, and Colonial Marine membership has skyrocketed.

Coming soon (I hope!): Lee Brimmicombe-Wood, author of the Colonial Marine Corps Tech Manual, will be writing a feature piece on the USCM Tech Manual for my site! He's also going to be writing some tech stuff for Titan Publishing licensed Alien: Resurrection Magazine, describing the weapons and such of the fourth ALIEN movie, so check it out!

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