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Australian Media on Paganism

Witches don't aim to harm, court told

by Fay Burstin - Sun Herald, 30/5/1997

A witch's basic motto was "Do what you want without hurting anyone", a court heard yesterday.

A high priest of a witchcraft coven and one of Australia's leading authorities on paganism said non-consensual sex, sex with children, drugs and violence played no part in recognised witchcraft.

Alan John Moyse, 46, public officer of the Australian Pagan Alliance, told Melbourne Magistrates Court he did not believe there was a concept of "black or evil magic".

"Witches have a highly developed moral sense of right and wrong," he said.

"Individual witches may choose to carry out acts which may be bad but that is the fault of the individual."

Mr Moyse said one of the basic tenants of witchcraft was do what you want without hurting anyone."Eight words of the witches' law fulfil: And (if) it harm none, do what you will," he said.

The court has heard withcraft enthusiast Robin Angus Fletcher, 40, hypnotised, drugged and raped two 15-year-old girls who came to him for counselling.

He allegedly forced the girls to strip naked, dressed them in dog collars, bound their wrists and ankles and flogged them with a riding crop. The court also heard Mr Fletcher supplied them with drugs and urged them to prostitute themselves to fulfil their destiny of becoming high priestesses.

Mr Fletcher, of Marara Rd, South Caulfield, faces 40 charges including child pornography, providing child prostitution, sexual penetration of a child under 16 and trafficking in LSD, ecstasy, cannabis and amphetamines.

The committal hearing before Magistrate Lance Martin continues today.

Sun Herald, 30/5/1997


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