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Boy casts 'spell' on little brother

Daniel Dasey, Sun-Herald, 27/4/1997

The parents of a boy who cast a spell - which apparently worked - on his little brother, have called for witchcraft to be banned in all NSW schools.

The Gosford family, which has asked not to be identified, claims that a class exercise teaching grade four students about witches went horribly wrong when their three-year-old son became seriously ill after the incantation.

The parents claim the incident left their family psychologically traumatised and their nine-year-old son, who cast the spell, feeling guilty and under stress.

The incident happened last September when the nine-year-old was asked to compose a spell as part of a lesson on witches.

The boy, whose parents are staunch Christians, wrote: "This is a spell for Jack, my baby brother. At the end of the spell Jack will forget how to walk.

"Ingredients: two pieces of dog poo, 10 toes, 5 ears, 2 legs, Ben's head, 1 bucket of toilet (sic) water, 10 toe nails, 8 pig stumicks (sic), 5 cow brains."

Two months later his younger brother fell ill with a disease, which the partents don't want disclosed and which would ultimately affect his ability to walk. In December he was also diagnosed with autism.

While the three-year-old recovered from the first illness, his parents want witchcraft banned from NSW schools.

Daniel Dasey, Sun-Herald, 27/4/1997


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