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Teens in witch's sex web

By Supreme Court reporter NORRIE ROSS

24th Feb, 1998 - Melbourne Herald-Sun

A MALE witch used mind-altering techniques and hypnotism to entice two young girls into prostitution, sadomasochism and black magic.

The Supreme Court heard yesterday Robin Angus Fletcher, 42, gave the girls mobile phones and advertised them for sex on the Internet.

During his plea hearing, Fletcher said he believed at the time his sex acts with the girls when they were 15 were legitimate pagan ceremonies.

He said he believed the pagans had a treaty with the government as an independent nation.

"Both these girls were tribes people," he said. "Because they were tribes people this was something under independent nation law and not under our criminal code."

Fletcher claimed one of the girls, identified only as "A", was "The Chosen One" - the reincarnation of an ancient Celtic priestess.

He admitted that after he was arrested on sex charges he tried to cast a spell on "A" and the other girl, identified only as "B", to stop them giving evidence against him.

He said he left his body in Pentridge and travelled on the astral plane to one of the girl's homes in Caulfield but could not find the address.

Asked if he wanted the girls dead, he replied: "It was a possible outcome if the gods were really nice."

Fletcher refused to swear on the Bible. Instead he used a charred stick and started his oath with: "I swear on the holy borstel".

Prosecutor Paul Coghlan, QC, said Fletcher dressed the girls in dog collars, bound their hands and wrists and flogged them with riding crops and paddles.

"A" said she believed because she was the chosen one she would be destroyed if she did not go along with Fletcher.

After he was arrested, Fletcher tried to arrange through his former de facto wife, Dr Faye Helen Stone, to pay $12,000 to have the girls killed.

Fletcher, 42, and Stone, 43, both pleaded guilty to attempting to pervert the course of justice by trying to stop "A" and "B" giving evidence.

Fletcher also pleaded guilty to three charges of committing an indecent act with a child under the age of 16, a charge of sexual penetration of a girl aged between 10 and 16 and a charge of prostituting a child.

Mr Coghlan said Fletcher worked as a counsellor from Stone's home in Marara Rd, Caulfield South.

Stone, who was Jewish and did not practice witchcraft, was a Chinese herbalist and knew nothing about her de facto's actions.

Mr Coghlan said "A" was 12 when her stepfather introduced her to Fletcher.

She had behavioral problems and during the next four years had numerous consultations in which Fletcher used a technique called neuro-linguistic progamming.

In 1995 he used hypnotism and handed her pornographic books and explicit Polaroid photographs.

Mr Coghlan said Fletcher told "A" she should act like the women portrayed in the photos and pretend he was one of the men.
"A" introduced him to her school friend "B", who also started to receive counselling for behavioral problems.

Between January and August 1996 Fletcher assaulted the girls, encouraged them to prostitute themselves and gave them money.

On one occasion a man named Paul arrived from Sydney with his 12-year-old niece, Mr Coghlan said.

Fletcher tried to persuade "B" to give the girl LSD and heroin so he and Paul could rape her.

He also tried to persuade "B" to be a sex slave and dress up as a schoolgirl and take part in torture and bondage.

The hearing before Justice David Harper was expected to continue today.

News Limited 1997

Melbourne Sun-Herald, 24/2/98

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