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Voodoo rebound warning

by DAMON JOHNSTON 13/12/97 Melbourne Herald-Sun

A WHITE witch has told Labor MP Jean McLean a voodoo doll she has used against the Liberal Party could come back to haunt her.

Melbourne witch Kerry Kulkens warned conjuring black magic forces against opponents was a risky exercise.

"What tends to happen is that the black magic you direct to your enemies rebounds back on you," she said. "It can do you more harm than anyone else."

Ms Kulkens said Upper House MP Ms McLean would have been better off putting a photograph of each government MP under her pillow.

"She should have touched each of the photographs, placed them under her pillow and then urged each of them to vote against the legislation. That would have proved very effective," she said.

Ms McLean, who has studied black magic since childhood, stuck pins into the neck, head and back of a voodoo doll when government MPs spoke in parliament on Thursday. She said she wanted government MPs to vote against the workers compensation revision Bill.

But the Upper House passed the contentious legislation

Premier Jeff Kennett joked yesterday he had woken with a sore back. "I felt stiff and felt sore and I thought, "I bet that's Jean'," he said.

Melbourne Sun-Herald, 13/12/97

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