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Australian Media on Paganism

Is Witchcraft Evil?

The Fairfax Sun (Penrith Edition)


I am writing in response to the article Enter Public Pagan Circle (Sun, June 17).

I believe it is wrong to publicise such an event.

The sheer public nature of this even is appalling.

Public practice of these rituals has been made illegal in other areas of Australia, and yet the council has given full permission for it to go ahead.

This is poor judgement on behalf of the council, and I do not believe if reflects the best interests of the community.

The pagans say they wish to "dispel the Hollywood-style illusions about witches".

By staging this event, they are strengthening Hollywood illusion. The lie that witchcraft is a normal, acceptable part of life.

Witchcraft is a dangerous practice but this side shall, no doubt, be neglected when they perform the ritual.

They are not painting a clear picture of witchcraft by neglecting their traditions, and have mocked themselves by staging the event on the wrong day.

Witchcraft has always been regared as an evil practice, now it is being portrayed as an alternative to our culture.

Is witchcraft something we want to become part of our children's lives as an acceptable thing? We are lifting it to normality by promoting such an event.

I believe this issue should be brought before the public for discussion before any decisions are made regarding witchcraft.

Elizabeth Burgess, Werrington Downs

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