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March 21st, 1998 Good Weekend Magazine, The Age

By Lily Bragge

When people discover that rock singer (formerly of Def FX) and journalist Fiona Horne is a practising witch, they invariably ask her the same questions: Can she place a hex or evil spell on someone and does she take drugs and indulge in group sex when she is taking part in witchcraft rituals?

In her semi-autobiographical book, Witch - A Personal Journey, Horne answers those sort of questions and explores the history and current state of witchcraft in Australia. With chapters that include: "How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You? Witches Do Not Worship Satan!" and "Bitchcraft: Hexing, Psychic Attack and Protection", Horne corrects a lot of misnomers and falsehoods that abound regarding Wicca (witchcraft).

She says: "Witchcraft, like any organised religion, attracts its share of crazies, and it's these fruitloops [people who take part in unlawful acts while claiming to be witches] who have attracted so much of society's negative attitudes towards witchcraft".

Although the book contains enough information to teach a novice the basics and practicalities of Wicca, it was not written as a "how-to-be-a-witch" guide. The book came about as a natural progression of Horne's paganism. She says she is not on a mission to preach or convert anyone. Rather, she is an atheist with a spiritualist attitude who would like the world to shed all of its witchy misconceptions.

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