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Witches in Wagga worry clerics

25th Feb, 2000 - ABC Website

The Bishop of the Catholic diocese of Wagga Wagga has backed up claims there are witches operating in the area.

Bishop William Brennan was responding to concern about a homily by Father Luke Joseph this month where cathedral churchgoers were warned against witches, aromatherapy and yoga.

He says the context of Father Luke's preaching was a gospel about Jesus exorcising a woman possessed by the devil.

The priest denies saying there are witches covens in local Catholic schools but did say there are some girls in our schools involved in witchcraft. And the bishop says this probably arose from the Satanic shop in Wagga Wagga, which is now closed.

"Part of the concern was that one of employees of that Satanic shop was a girl at a Catholic school and that may have prompted that comment if that comment was made," Bishop Brennan said.

"But I understand there are groups of witches around the place. And certainly the number of books on witchcraft that you'll find in bookshops these days is quite extraordinary," he said.

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