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Australian Media on Paganism

Witchcraft now allowed in Qld

by ABC Website News, 10th Nov, 2000

The practices of witchcraft, sorcery and fortune-telling are no longer criminal offences in Queensland.

The State Government has won a bid in Parliament to repeal those offences from the Criminal Code by just one vote.

Attorney-General Matt Foley says calling the practices criminal offences is a relic of a more superstitious age.

Opposition Justice spokesman Lawrence Springborg has told Parliament he is not a prude, but witchcraft should not be allowed.

"Because I have seen what it's like for people who have been caught up in this sort of thing - they are very very gullible and for a lot of us," Mr Springborg said.

"I suppose, it's very hard to see how people become involved in cults, how people have their mind controlled by certain individuals and they do they go out there and do some bizarre things."

ABC Website - 10/11/2000


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