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Witchcraft Craze History

Witchcraft in France

1398 University of Paris declares that the pact with the devil is not merely magic but heresy
1428 Witch trials of Brianqon, in the Dauphin6. Some 167 local people burned as witches between 1428 and 1450
1431 Trial of Joan of Arc includes allegations of witchcraft
1440 Notorious trial of Gilles de Rais, accused of witchcraft and debauches
1490 King Charles VIII issues edict against fortunetellers, enchanters and necromancers
1508 Mass witch trials in B6arn
1529 Trial at Luxeuil by the Inquisition
1557 Toulouse witch trials: forty witches burned
1580 Jean Bodin publishes D~monomanie condemning witches
1589 Fourteen witches at Tours appeal to King Henry III who is in turn accused of protecting witches
1625 Start of general decline of witch trials in France
1670 Rouen witch trials



The notorious Chanibre d'ardent~ affair: Louis XIV's star chamber investigates poison plots. and hears evidence of widespread corruption and witchcraft. More than 300 people arrested, and 36 executed. The affair ended with a royal edict which denied the reality of witchcraft and sorcery.
1745 Last execution for witchcraft in France (of Father Louis Debaraz at Lyons)

Source: Roger Hart, "Witchcraft" (London: Wayland Publishers, 1971)
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