Songs and Chants

Consummation of Joy at Beltane

His proud, fair visage crowned by sun
consumes my sight
The Horned One!
He comes to take his Love to Wife
To turn once more The Wheel of Life.

∑ Oh mighty Hunter, Faerie King
∑ What joy to all the Earth you bring!
∑ With lust and love of Life we sing
∑ To honour You our strong Oak King.

We leap the flames of Beltane Fire,
Always reaching ever higher.
Our souls alight with Your desire
And Earth Herself to be our bier.

When seed is sown and passion spent
The Lord of Stags may rest content.
His lust fulfilled, His blessings sent
Love flung to fill the firmament.

The Wheel of Life continues round
And blessings of the Earth abound
Awash in sunlight from above
We children feel the Godsí great love.


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