*Southern Hemisphere Date: June 21st
*Northern Hemisphere Date: December 22nd

*Origins: Yule is from Old Norse which means "wheel" as it is a symbol  that the year has turned. Falling on a Solstice, it marks the start of the  New Year in Norse and Roman times.

 At Yule, the God is traditionally born by the Goddess, a divine birth. This is time of the year when the day is short and the night is long. Candles are lit to welcome back the returning light of the sun ahead. The Sun, a symbol of the God, renews itself from the dark, symbol of death. In Pagan lore, this is the time when the Oak King (a symbol of divine rebirth) overpowers the Holly King (a symbol of death). Celebrated items for Yule include the decorated evergreen tree, the Yule Log, and the exchange of gifts.

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