Can You Send Me Some Spells Please?

6th April, 1999

In the four years since I have had my main web site up, a day never goes by without getting an e-mail request (usually from a teenage girl) for spells. I think the top two requests are for love spells and "glamour" (changing appearance) spells. While these pleas may come straight from the heart, they tend to "put off" straight away those who follow witchcraft or any other tradition as a religious path.

Now, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with spells. They play an important part in many types of Paganism. But there is more to the various magickal traditions than spells. They form part of a much more complex picture of belief and practice. They are just the more noticeable aspects of the Craft. It is very painful to see ones religion reduced to the practice of spells.

The resurgence in television shows and movies about witches has helped to increase the interest in those who follow Pagan religions. However, these types of shows are never very accurate. They tend to show the flashy stuff without the background of hard work reading books, learning from elders and good old-fashioned practice. Spells are only as effective as the person casting them. If you don't understand how spellcraft works, the spells themselves won't work.

To many in their teenage years, spells and "Hollywood" witchcraft must seem like the perfect solution to problems that they face - school, peers, parents. But spells won't make these problems go away, the underlying causes of tension will still be there. Spells by themselves aren't a quick fix.

Witchcraft or other types of Paganism can help, but only when they are practiced as a whole philosophy of life. Paganism is like any religion: it should give you spiritual peace and the strength to face the day to day pressures that confront all people. That takes more than casting spells.


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