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At last, some pictures from the incoming ADC2 game set for EuroFront 2 (see A Block Too Far section) are available. I know that's not much but have a look nonetheless. If those pictures have the same effect on you than they had on Craig Besinque and other BlockHeads, this means that we are on the right track toward a really nice addition to the Front Games family...

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(Do not hesitate to read those past "What's new" so as to learn what can be found on this web site)

What is ARG ?

This web site is dedicated to wargames published by Columbia Games and known by the generic name of Block Games. More precisely, the main topic of ARG is the study of Front Games: those are Block games depicting WWII on the different Fronts.

These games are :

You will also find on this site other things such as books reviews, tactics for Front Games and links to other sites that may be of interest to you if you like WWII wargames.

Who is behind ARG ?

Apart from myself, anybody can be part of ARG. In fact any person willing to contribute to this web site can be part of ARG, be it for a book review, playing tips, or anything else that contribute to make this web site interesting. I am myself a member of the G.H.S. (see the "Recon" section for more info about G.H.S.)

What can one find on ARG web site ?

This web site will be divided in four main sections:

This section purpose is dedicated to the Block Games from Columbia Games, be it errata, "home" rules, scenarios, etc.

You will find there discussions or little essay about tactics in the different Block Games, the different subtleties of those games or anything that can help a newbye to get a good grasp of the game play.

In this section, you will find reviews of books or - why not - other games that can give you useful insights to WWII or wargames using this conflict as background.

Links to other interesting web site will be put in this section so as to provide you with an easy access to web sites treating of similar or complementary topics.

Gesellschaft für Historishe Simulation
G.H.S. member

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