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Hiya all!! Reddawg here. This is a page dedicated to the dogs in that awsome movie "Balto". Yeah, I gotta admit that the other characters are cool too, but I'm naturally a dog fan. So sue me (for all you lawyers out there, I was being sarcastic. But then again, why would a lawyer be at my site?) This page is just starting out so don't expect too much just yet. If you want to tell me how great my page is, e-mail me and come visit again soon!! :)

If you have anything with/about the dogs on Balto tell me! E-mail me even if ya just want to chat, I don't care. If I don't get back to you right away, DON'T WORRY! I'm working on this page all alone 'n junk (with a little help from some of my web friends (see my Thanx section)) I'll answer all my e-mail sooner or later.



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Lyrics to the song "Reach for the Light"

THANX TO: JennaFan For helping me get this page off the ground and to Busara for making the Balto Webring.

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Go Balto! GO!

Balto's running to say hi! :)

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"Balto" and all related characters are copyright (c) Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment. So there. And remember people, this is an unofficial Balto fansite.
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