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Sparks: For fun and friendship

What are Sparks?

Sparks are the youngest branch of Guiding. Sparks is for young girls aged 5 and 6. They learn how to share and be a friend through games, songs and crafts. Their promise is "I promise to share and be a friend." In Sparks, girls have the oppurtunity to do things, to be active, to have fun, and to practise the concepts of sharing, cooperation and friendship. After Sparks, girls can join Brownies. For more information on Guiding in Canada, visit the Guides Canada site at


Great Games for Sparks
Fun Crafts for Sparks
Sample Meetings (Courtesy of Sparks 44)
Ideas for Sleepovers and Camps (Courtesy of Sparks 44)
Learn about Sparks Around the World
Special dates for theme meetings
Spark Unit record keeping software
Various Links
How Sparks got started

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