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The stories told here reflect various memories of my dad, mom, grandmother and various other family members.  I will put whom is telling each story or memory at the beginning of each one..   I hope you enjoy these, as much as I have over the years...
How Old?
Told by Lonnie Douglas Ratliff (my dad)

"When Grandmaw Childers (Louemma Childers) lived at the ole' home place on Greasy with us, she was bed ridden at this time and she had to be in her late 80's or 90's even.   I remember Ole' Man Caney coming to her one day and asking, "Mrs. Childers, how old is it when a woman looses her 'feelings' for a man?"  Grandmaw said,"Well, Caney....  you'll have to ask someone older than I am."
Told by Lonnie Douglas Ratliff (my dad)

"Ole' man Caney did some bootleggin'...  When he thought the "fuzz" would be coming, he would hide it in all kinds of places.  In the feed/Corn barrels, under kitchen cabinets, down the well etc..   Grandmaw Childers would tell Caney to put it in bed with her, as where she was bed ridden, she knew they'd never search her bed.  Ole' Man Caney refused and told her he already had it hidden...
Memories about Artie Meecy Childers Spears & Elkana Spears
Told by Lonnie Douglas Ratliff (their grandson and they raised him)

"I remember when Mommy would sit down and let her hair down from the bun she kept it in...  Her hair was so long that it would curl up on the floor where she was sitting."

"Mommy wouldn't let us have Poker Cards in the house and no cursing"

"I never heard Mommy say a curse word in my life, except when once when her chickens were being killed by something and she thought it was my dogs.  I had 27 ole hounds tied up there and her chickens were disappearing off and on...  I told her it wasn't my dogs that was killing them, that I saw the duck out there killing them.  Shee.   One day Mommy was outside doing something and she caught the old duck killing her chickens..  She said "By Shit you'll never kill another one" and she grabbed it and put it's head on a block and chopped it off...  That is the only curse word I ever heard her say....."

"Ole man Caney swiched over to a Democrat once and he said, "It was Only sin I ever commited"..  He was a hard core Republican He did it so he could get out of paying a big fine for bootleggin'..."

Memories About Alta Fay Spears Ratliff

Columbus Carrol said Alta Fay was the most beautiful of the Spears girls and she was nice and could sing like an angel...

Alta Fay's favorite singer was Patsy Cline and she could sing just like her...

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