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Somewhere hidden in a shoebox or album, some of your most prized possesions reside.....  Photos that show the strong bond between you, your ancestors and your loved ones....    They are taken out from time to time to reflect on your "Treasured Memories"...  It is our hope that our website, will inspire you and bring your memories flooding back in of days gone by.  We want our site to capture a mood, capture the moments, and heartfelt warmth of "our" most treasured memories.  We sincerely hope you enjoy your visit with us.

Our Wish To You: "May the special moments of today become the most treasured memories of tomorrow."

I wanted to do this site to honor my roots - past, present, & future...  and to provide a source for others researching these lines..     As I began to put together the records for our families, I saw the pieces of a puzzle fitting together.   By knowing how our ancestors lived, worked, loved and died, we have a blueprint for our future.   By my making this information into a website, I hope to be passing on a legacy to the new generations of these surnames.  I had always loved to hear stories of before my time; told by my daddy, my papaw and mamaw.  However it wasn`t until my papaw`s  passing that I realized the importance of what I had been told and how precious our time together was and is.   It seemed to fill a void that I felt after papaw passed away.  My site is lovingly dedicated to my papaw, Thomas Marion Stewart. 

With this website, I took a different approach with it's design.  I wanted something bright, beautiful, elegant, and joyful; not only to look at, but to hear.   I wanted to steer clear of the boring and drab earth tone colors & websets that are considered the "norm" for genealogy sites.  I don't believe one should have to be bored out of their minds, while searching for information, so I tried to make your experiences here at Treasured Memories, a joyful one.  I am a firm believer that having cheerful colors, sounds & things around you, improves ones outlook & can brighten a person's day.  Thus, my plan for this site :-))

The following pages were compiled from information donated by close family members, books, websites, other surname researchers, local and state newspapers, funeral homes lists and clippings donated from family members.  Due to the variety of sources and human error, mistakes may appear.  For this, please accept our apologies in advance.  But please keep in mind that some of the information here is undocumented or unconfirmed, as a lot of it was found as copies and didn't have reference notes available, however we do give credit where it is due and will quote the place or sources where ever possible..  If you find a mistake or we didn't give you credit for information you provided, please know that it was unintentional.  We ask only that you email and tell us so that we can print the correction on the site..  Also, if you have photos or additional information (photos, Family trees, Census Records, marriage records, stories, war records, deeds, wills, and so forth) about any of the families mentioned on this site and would like to share with us and/or others, we welcome all contributions so feel free to email or write me, Alta Fay Ratliff at: for inclusion on this website.

Would you like to ask permission to use certain information found on our site?  Contact Us here:

If you experience difficulty, or find a broken link, please report it to the the email address above (Alta Fay Ratliff, the Webmistress of Treasured Memories).
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