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Welcome to our Inventory of Cemeteries
Below you'll find links to each of our cemetery inventory pages.   With each link you'll see a list of cemeteries that you can find on that specific page.  On each page we have tried to put directions to each cemetery also.
The cemeteries below are cemeteries where our ancestors are buried and we have done our best to list all of our family members that were buried there at the time the inventory was taken.   There are people in each cemetery that we may not be related to, but the vast majority we are.
As far as the larger cemeteries like Johnson Memorial, we have tried to and are listing our family/ancestors, because of the cemetery's size.   However, we hope to get a complete inventory of the larger cemeteries soon, so be sure to check back for updates often..:-))

Ratliff, Spears, Adkins, Cox, Cantrell, Childers, etc.. Cemeteries coming soon!! 

If you know of newer people in these cemeteries that we have not listed, please feel free to email us and let us know and we'll be more than happy to add them to our index.

Cemetery Index Page 1:
Adkins Cemetery.  Located at Penny Road in Pike Co., Ky.

Booker Fork Cemetery.   Located at Booker Fork, PCK.

Branham Cemetery:  Located at Lick Fork, PCK

Russell Branham Cemetery: PCK

Joe Damron Cemetery: PCK

Diels Cemetery:  PCK

Elswick Cemetery:  Booker Fork, PCK

Cemetery Index Page 2:
Calhoun Cemetery:    Located at Robinson Creek, PCK

Andy Greer Cemetery:  Located at Main Shelby Creek
Cemetery Index Page 3:
Esco Cemetery:  Located at Esco, Ky.

Greer Cemetery:  Located at Beefhide Creek and Phillips Branch
Cemetery Index Page 4:
Johnson Memorial:  Located at PCK

Harmon Cemetery:  Located at Virgie, PCK

Kinney Branch Cemetery

Branham-Damron Cemetery:  Located bet. Esco & Douglas

Mullins Cemetery:  Located on Newsome Branch, Caney Creek

Newman Cemetery:  Located at Hi Hat, Ky.
Cemetery Index Page 5:
Newsom Cemetery:  Located at Penny Rd.  Rt. 1469

Darvin Newsom Cemetery:  Located at Little Robinson, PCK

John Hen Newsome Cemetery:  at Newsome Branch, PCK

Roberts Cemetery:  at Lizzie Fork, PCK

Old Newsom- Roberts Cemetery at Head of Caney, PCK

Pleasant Johnson Cemetery:  at Long Fork, PCK

Potter Cemetery:  Located at Sookey's Creek, PCK

Tackett Cemetery:  Located at Little Robinson
Cemetery Index Page 6:
Newsom Cemetery:  Located on Penny Road, PCK

Newsom Cemetery:  Located at Little Robinson, PCK
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