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Part Two.  From 1555 to present day

16th Century /17th Century
18th Century /19th Century
20th Century

Second half of the 16th Century and  the17th  Century

Historical Manuscripts Commission  10th Report (HMSO 1885 Rev. 1906).

<>1569  The inhabitants of Cossey to Sir Henry Jerningham.

"Some unkind trouble having lately arisen between him and them by reason of some matter in variation, they desire him to condescend, without any further trouble in law. that all contention between them may be compromitted and determined by some gentlemen of this country,

by whose order they will willingly stand .   Cossey ,  vii April 1569. "

Signed by Tho. Claybourne, clerk, and others.

   18th / 19th Century Biographies

                       c.1769 -1857 John Culley                                                                                          

                   c.1775 -1843  Richard Mackenzie Bacon                                                                          

                    1790 - 1862 Simon Wilkin                                                                                                       

                   1820 - 1872  Frederick Charles Husenbeth D.D.  Catholic Parish Priest of Costessey

  20th Century

                         1878-1959  Sir Alfred Munnings  K.C.V.O  P.P.R.A.  Artist,                                            

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