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Welcome to The Dog Vault!

In here you will find a plethora of dog related information. While there are many books out there with similar information that is presented here, the idea for this page is to have a place where the average dog owner can learn more about dogs without having to check out half a dozen books from their local library or spending hours searching through google. You can then also shop online at your favorite venues (or discover new ones!) for pet products and interact with other dog afficandos through an online forum and blog. And if a particular bit about dogs sparks your interest here, there is also an area that lists well known books to help you further your knowledge! 

The Dog, the Whole Dog, and Nothing but the Dog

Your New Best Friend: Will take you through the various places to find a dog or puppy. What to watch out for, and what to expect during the actual purchase. There will also be a section on dog health, because whether he is in good health or bad, it is something that automatically comes with the dog when you get him and can't be put off or postponed in any way.

The Puppy Layette: Traditionally refers to all of that cute, and utterly necessary baby stuff you see at showers, brought to you here in puppy version! Also covers adult dog necessities. Lots of links.

Bare Bones: It's important to budget for your dog. Unfortunately, life can throw us a serious curve-ball when you least expect it. Before you panic, check out these sites and methods for securing dog necessities for little to no-cost.

Fur the Good of all Dogkind: The Grooming section.

The Good Dog: Training might arguably be the most important aspect of a dogs life. It can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Lay down! Speak!: Getting into your dog's mind. Basic information regarding the psychology of dogs.
Doggy Bag

Suggested Reading: Books that I and others have found particularly useful or amusing. Books for kids included! Links.

Buried Bones: Vendors for pet products online.
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