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the silent anarchy homepage
this is the homepage for silent anarchy 2001 which was formed just after the twin toer bombings. We are a non violent peaceful protesting group that will make our voices heard both in washington and the world

about silent anarchy 2001
Silent anarchy was formed in september of 2001, shortly after the world tradecenter terrorist attacks. We are a brotherhood of friends that will fight the government through peacefull protests. We are a non violent organization who treat all amaricans like family, as our motto states "we fight for the lost patriots" meaning if the government cheats us or you, we will fight them every step of the way. Any one can join silent anarchy as long as you do NOT endorse violence. Silent Anarchy is a group dedicated to reminding uncle sam that all Americans be they white, black,mexican,indian are created equally. Silent Anarchy does NOT discriminate age, sexuality,race sex or religion, we are all in this together. forever patriots and forever americans. GOD BLESS AMERICA

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