Queer and Christian

Queer and Christian

I believe Jesus came for all people, not just for straight people, and that there is no condemnation for any sexuality so long as it is in a monogamus relationship, and that gay people ought to be able to participate fully in the Body of Christ, in churches, and in ministry, without having to deny their sexuality. Its time for queer Christians to come out of their closets, and be proud of how God has made them!

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Sacramentals Thats sort of a miscellaneous term for devotionals, readings, prayers, poems & liturgies.

The Bible

I do not believe there is any condemnation of loving, monogamus couples of any sexuality, whether that be gay, straight, or whatever. I believe that the salvation Christ offers us is available to all, regardless of sexuality, and that, furthermore, Jesus has more in common with gay people today than he does to the religious folk who sit in the pews and condemn us.

What does the Bible really say?

A Queer Christ? - Still under construction (16/8/02)

My Mission

I'm not really as pretentious as that sounds! I think it is my mission to preach the gospel (as it is for all believers) and to show Christians that there is no condemnation for queer Christians in Christ. There is no need for queer Christians to be "converted" to being straight - though that isn't really possible anyway - and we should be proud of who we are and stand firm in the body of Christ.

The Gospel How to attain salvation.

Converting to being straight - why this doesn't work. (Under Construction)

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