Southern Arizona

Photos I have taken in Southern Arizona  from 1982 to the present. Featuring landscapes, cityscapes, small towns, and ghost towns.

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Arivaca Junction  From 1790-1820 the interest in mining brought Anglo-Americans into this area of Southern Arizona. Crossroad to the mining district of Arivaca.  Updated

Benson  Important stage stop, with a historic hotel where Wyatt Earp liked to stay.

Cochise   1882 Cochise Hotel still going strong.                                                

Empire Ranch  1875 working ranch open to the public. 

Fairbank, Arizona   Restored ghost town, now open to the public.  

Friendly Corners Located on the Santa Cruz river, the summer flooding makes for an interesting rural Arizona drive.

 Florence, Arizona       The oldest public building in daily use in Arizona.

Gleeson/CourtlandGhost Town Two room Gleeson and Courtland Jails!          

Harshaw Ghost Town Historic 1877 James Finley's House.                                                                

Helvetia Ghost Town Copper town that died in 1921.                                                     

Mescal Movie Set  Popular film location soon open to the public.

     Mt. Lemmon in the Catalina Mountains  One of Arizona's most scenic highways, started in 1933, finished in 1951.  Photos of the Rincon Mountains just east of Tucson.   Fire in Catalina mountains destroy the community of Summerheaven, and destroy thousands of acres in the years 2002, and June 19, 2003.   

Redington Pass in the Rincon Mountains 

Mowry One of the oldest mining camps in Arizona. May have been worked by the Spanish Jesuit priests c.1740-1776.

Nogales, Arizona  A tour of Nogales' Arizona historic homes. 

Pete Kitchen's Ranch House.


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