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Hi! I'm Nakki. I'm an Airedale living in Denmark. Actually, my real name is Spicaway Lonely Rider, but everybody knows me as Nakki. Lately my family has given me the nickname His Royal Highness because I'm so well mannered. So I've decided to change that. This photo was made January the 10th 1999 - and I haven't been trimmed and groomed!! So my coat is a bit out of shape here. Anyway, welcome to my site - I hope you'll find some photos worth looking at and some useful notes - and a have little fun as well while visiting.
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Nakki at 19 weeks - smiling

This is what I looked like in december 1996. Nearly 19 weeks old I knew everything and when Helene, Kasper, Pia and Steen came to visit my home at the breeder, Kennel Spicaway, to look at another litter, I told them that I had taken them as my new 'pack'. They submitted completly, and I moved from northern Jutland to the island of Fynen - and was happy with the change as you can see: the photo was made a few days after I moved in and took over. OK, being the only Airedale in the familiy, I have a lot of jobs, such as dig holes in the lawn, move earth and dirt around, water the fences, keeping other dogs, cats and people of my premises, - good thing I already at 19 weeks had a powerful voice!

The Nakki-family on top of hill

This is my family - from left to right: Helene, Pia - Kasper and I. You can't see Steen, he's behind the camera. One thing we all agree upon is walks in forrests and enjoying nature and its wildlife. We all consider deer, foxes, badgers, pheasants and other birds very interesting. What we do not agree upon is whether or not you should be allowed to chase them - come to think of it, we don't agree on chasing cats either - I suspect them of denying me the pleasure of the hunt because they are to slow themselves for this kind of fun! Anyway we like 'hanging out' regardles of the weather. This particular photo was taken december 26'th 1997.

Portrait of Nakki - softfocus

The right kind of place: a forrest - and we are out by ourselves, Steen and I. Deer and fox are nearby - I have to pose for a portrait, just because the light is perfect? And then Steen scans it from a 35 mm colorslide on a flatbed scanner? Come on! That must be an example of human humor? Being the King of Terriers I acted as if I didn't notice how silly Steen was using slidefilm, having a flatbedscanner

The Nakki lying on his back - Grinning

We do enjoy hiking and nature. My Humans are into birdwatching and we often visit Kelsnord on the island of Langeland to watch migrating hawks and other birds of prey. Well, my Humans watch them - while I try to eat their sandwiches or fool around.

Posing for a photo

Sunny winter day in February 1999 - the day before we got a real snow storm.

June this year, we all decided that Nakki ought to have a little 'brother'. If you like to meet him, klick the button 'Zorba', left.

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