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My name is Quennie, and I am a 24y/o Gemini.  I currently do canine rescue for the north florida chapter of American Eskimo Dog Rescue (Heather Davis is the South Florida Chapter Director).  I separated from the US Air Force in February 2001. I was last stationed in Keesler AFB, MS and now reside back home in Pensacola, FL. I plan to move up north for my "snow dogs" someday.

I have three pets: JC, a male eskie; BJ, another male eskie; and Xena, a female pom. I put together my own webpage in honor of them. My site titles are K-9 Rescue, American Eskimo: Dog Beautiful, Xena: Pomeranian Princess, and Non-Canine Favorites.  I also have links to my awards and web rings.

Presently, I am taking martial arts classes: Tang Soo Do ("Way of the China Hand" - another form of Tae Kwon Do); JuJitsu ("Way of the Cat"); Arnis ("Way of the Sticks"), and E-Z Defense.  The classes are at
Ron Little Martial Arts School owned by Mr. W. Ron Little.

I got my Associate of Arts degree in Biology/General Studies from
Pensacola Junior College (PJC) in FL.  I also took a few classes from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College (MGCCC) in Keesler AFB, MS while I was in the military.  I am  attending classes at the University of West Florida (UWF) in Pensacola, FL.  I am majoring in Computer Technology (Interdisciplinary Information Technology/IIT) and minoring in Psychology.

I currently work at the
Institute for Human and Machine Cognition/IHMC of the UWF. 
God Bless the USA!
Treat everything as if you've seen it for either the first time or the last time; only then will you realize the value and beauty of everything in your life.
Contact Info:
Name: Quennie Lanada
Email: QXSerenity@yahoo.com
My Links:
American Eskimo: Dog Beautiful
Awards and Awards II
K-9 Rescue and K-9 Rescue II
Non-Canine Favorites
Web Rings and Web Rings II
Xena: Pomeranian Princess

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