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Batman vs. Superman Update

July 11, 2002
From MTV.com
: Director Wolfgang Petersen hinted at some of his ideas for the "Batman vs. Superman" feature film. Including no Robin, distancing itself from previous films continuity, influenced by the "World's Finest" comic series, comparing BvsS to Spider-man Petersen says his film will be more dramatic.
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bakula.jpg (22378 bytes)Quantum Leap & Tremors Becoming TV Series

July 11, 2002
: Quantum Leap is returning to TV. Donald Bellisario will serve as exec producer and the show will first air as a backdoor TV movie pilot. Scott Bakula may be involved in the TV movie but probably not in the TV series itself. The Tremors TV series has been announced to air on the Sci Fi Channel.
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Producers Find New 24 Romance

July 11, 2002
From Cinescape
: Sarah (The 5th Day) Wynter has signed on to play the new female lead in the second season of 24. She'll be playing the new romantic lead opposite Keifer Sutherland's Jack Bauer character.
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neo03.jpg (41304 bytes)Matrix Reloaded Release Date Change

July 10, 2002
From Sci Fi Wire
: Warner Bros has moved The Matrix Reloaded's release date up one day to May 15, 2003. The change follows a similar move taken this year by Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.
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Rod Steiger Has Passed Away...

July 10, 2002
From Ain't It Cool News
: Last night I read the news report on AICN about actor Rod Steiger's death. He was a really great actor in films like In the Heat of the Night, On the Waterfront, Doctor Zhivago, The Pawnbroker. Lately, he'd only show up in small parts in movies like The Player and Mars Attacks
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gandalf03.jpg (87563 bytes)Fellowship of the Ring Script Online!

July 10, 2002
From TheOneRing.net
: We were going to post a link to this site awhile back, which has a complete copy of the Fellowship movie script. But the site was overwhelmed so here's a link to another site with the script which for now is working fine.
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buffy04.jpg (41576 bytes)Buffy: The New Gang at Sunnydale High?

July 9, 2002
From Ain't It Cool News
: A look at the new direction the Buffy series is taking in the coming season. A couple possibly recurring characters are introduced in what seems to be the season premiere episode as well as the school's new Principal.
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blade1.jpeg (21760 bytes)Blade Gets a Shooter

July 9, 2002
: German director Oliver (The Experiment) Hirschbiegel has been named as the director for the film Blade 3. Hirschbiegel will join writer/producer David Goyer in crafting the sequel.
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Batman vs. Superman Gets Director

July 9, 2002
From Cinescape
: Well he's been attached to the project for quite some time already but Wolfgang Petersen's Batman vs. Superman project has finally gotten the official green-light and Petersen's signed on to direct. The film is based on the script by Andrew Kevin (Seven) Walker and is set for a 2004 release.
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Writer Talks Rendezvous With Rama

July 9, 2002
From Coming Soon!
: Screenwriter Scott Brick was recently interviewed and discussed some details about Rendezvous With Rama. He talks, among other things, about adapting Rama from the Arthur C. Clarke novel and about Clarke's involvement on the project.
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