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Welcome to the Archive, direct access to my brain.

You have just stumbled across the home of my brain and the location of my Reviews on Movies and Computer, and my Personal and Universist based Art works.
The Website is ever expanding, taking on new sections and (hopefully) always updating the old ones.

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Stay Vigilant.

09/09/2004 New Game Reviews - Resident Evil and Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

09/09/2004 Website Change / Review section split - The review section was becoming to big to have together, they are now divided into movie reviews and game reviews.

08/09/2004 New Art / Morning Sky - An old picture I've finally got up.

07/09/2004 New Forum - I've decided to introduce a forum, so any can go there and give me feedback or just generally talk about stuff.

05/09/2004 Website Change / New Buttons - On an impluse I decided to to make new button, but keep the large title buttons.

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