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Renewals Cooking Information For Stroke Victims.
Imagine going to bed on Thursday waking up on Friday taking a bath to get ready for work and having a stroke? Well that is what happens to me. I was semi paralyzed on my right side. But with a lot of faith and a lot of rehab and courage, I am healed. So for those people who are out there that have had one, or know someone that has had one there is hope. Join the, swap recipes, talk about recovery.
I think it was a blessing, because it made me see how hard I was working. But of course not at all near my goals. I had a Wellness Center in the back of my mind I wanted to open. The funny thing is I always had the space, so what was stopping me? I wasted some much time working on things for other people; I did not have time for my dreams.
That all changed in March, I had a stroke, it turned my life around, but for the good. Now I am looking to do great things. I am going back on the radio, I am starting a support group for stroke survivors, I will open the Wellness Center and do some writing. So follow me as I journey.
Dr. Donia Gonzales-Copeland


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