Last Update : Wed 15/09/04 4:04 PM

New part of In the End up for you guys, enjoy.

Hey again guys! Been working on my new "short" comic, its not as large scale as OLB so hopefully i will actually be able to give you all a finished comic. ^_^ Anyways, its a love/revenge story based on a horrible, horrible dream i had one night, thought it would make a cool comic.

So here you are, the intro for "In the End"

Other news; I've also pulled Gato Karoke out for now, as i have no plans for it right now. (it was gonna be in flash)

Hey guys! I'm (kinda) back!

I've got myself a new computer, broadband and started collecting all my sheets again! So hopefully i'll be able to start updating this site again soon, i'm going to work mostly on One Last Breath and a new short project - In the End

Stay tuned for more updates!

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