These are some of our favorite pictures of memories from the past and present.  Hope you will enjoy these and we will be adding pics along the way....Thanks for visiting.....
Roger and Max at HATS Futurity 2003
Won Futurity Grand Champion
"No, No, Please don't make me go in there."
"wow" what a doll!
"Hey cutie, what's your name?
"uh, quit moving around, I am trying to nap?"
"WOW"  What a great day!!!!!.
Twins born May 08, 2001
Roger sleeping with baby Hotrod. Boy was that a long 5 days 24-7 in the barn with that little one.
     "Geez, you are a big guy."
These guys are 33 days apart in age.
"Look at me now." (This is the twin) shown here a 2yrs
"Flash" the larger of the twins at 2yrs
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