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Raymond Brennan's Resume

Electroceramics Research Group - Rutgers University Department of Ceramic and Materials Engineering

Wong Fei-hung (Jackie Chan) Drunken Master Page

A unique look at the life and work of Jackie Chan through the character he portrayed in one of his finest movies, Drunken Master 2. Follow Wong Fei-hung and the rest of the characters in the movie on a cyberjourney. Choose your narrator. Check it out!!!

Da Chefs Official Homepage

Previously unseen milk ads of some of the top stars out there including Gwen Stefani, Homer Simpson, Tom Cruise, Vanessa Marcil, Adam Sandler, Grant Hill, and much more!!! Tell me who you think should be in the gallery.

Raykwon's No Doubt Homepage
A No Doubt page featuring clips from their videos, reviews of all their songs, previously unseen pics, and much, much more!!!

The Ranney Wrestling Federation
Check out all of your favorite wrestlers and follow Ranney-in-the-Summer Slam '98. All the action is right here...

Wyclef Jean And The Place To Be
A tribute to the greatest artist and emcee of all-time, Refugee Camp All-Star Wyclef Jean.

Raykwon's Skatepark
The world of aggressive skating as seen through the eyes of Raykwon the Chef.

Raykwon's Kewl Music Lynx
Links to your favorite music groups including No Doubt, Sublime, Weezer, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Reel Big Fish, and more!!!

Raykwon's Absolut Ads
Absolut ads that Absolut didn't want you to see!!!

Raykwon's Top 10 Movies of All Time

Raykwon's Original Homepage

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