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I am a student of Gnosticism, one who compares the gnostic experiences of others with her own. Always seeking to elevate my consciousness, I am thankful for the community of Ecclesia Gnostica. Right now, my partner and I are in Downtown Los Angeles while we lay the groundwork for the Guadalupe Gnostic Center.
Builders of the Adytum
Hobbies & Interests
I enjoy reading Gnostic writings and reflecting on Qabalah, practicing rituals, and just plain hanging out with my Gnostic brothers and sisters. I anxiously await the opportunity  to serve as Gnostic clergy. I pray I am admitted to Orders soon. His Grace said my time was coming...I felt like a good jew being told that the Messiah is coming "soon"..
Friends & Family
Gnostic Homeless Services, Inc.
My beloved and I have formed a new non-profit to address the needs of homeless women and families in Los Angeles County, Gnostic Homeless Services, Inc..  I designed the corporate logo shown. We continue to practice Theurgy (a form of ritual magic) as we are able.
Gnostic Homeless Services, Inc. needs your help!  We need to raise $750 to apply for federal tax-exempt status.  Please visit our corporate site for more information.  Thank you for your generosity.

have completed the first draft of my own Sacramentarium Privatum.  The material I used is freely available on the web.  Rev. Deacon Gilberto Morales (Ecclesia Gnostica) talked me into putting this work-in-progress on the site.  I hope it leads others to elevated consciousness.
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