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Please be sure to check back often to see if anything new has been added to our site.  If you have any particular links of interest, I will gladly list them here.  When I create a web page, I tend to update it frequently.  It may be trite to update an event that occurred over 37 years ago,  so don't expect too much.  And, again, watch out for the chalk...


I am going to list a few other pages I have published.  I hope you will visit them.

Click on the banner above to go to the
Military Recruit Boot Camp Training Platoon Catalog
created primarily to assist other veterans
in reconnecting with buddies
 from their recruit training days. 



Click on the book above to read the autobiography I wrote about
growing up in the South in the '50s and '60s.
 You will perhaps recall much of it from your own lives.
It's called Burple.


This is the daily journal I kept while on tour in Vietnam in 1967.



Click on the image of PVt. Mike, U. S. Marine, above
to see the highlights of
Boot Camp Platoon 264 on Parris Island in March 1966.




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