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Please send an email to the group introducing yourself and telling us a little bit about yourself - we look forward to meeting and getting to know you! We do *REQUIRE* that you introduce yourself to the group within 3 days of joining. We look forward to welcoming you!

Please READ the rules (below) BEFORE posting to the group -

Violations of the rules may result in removal from the list.

- Absolutely no pornographic images or nudity are allowed - this is a "Family" rated group.

- Participation is a REQUIREMENT to remain a member of the group - we want you to join in, have fun and learn with us! Participation is defined as doing one or more of our Group Lessons or submitting a Group Weekly Theme Image (WET) within a 2 week period. Special consideration will be given to those on vacation, family or health problems. Just mail to the list owners to notify us. Lurkers will be removed from the list periodically.

- Limit file sizes to 100kb or less for regular graphics - this is the MAXIMUM size that will be allowed. Animations may be up to 150kb. For clarification: Remember that Yahoo adds several kb to our email, so please limit your entire email to around 100kb when submitting a lesson done as a jpg, if you are using sigtags or backgrounds in your email, you will need to take their size into consideration when saving your graphics. The same goes for animations, the entire email should be not exceed 150kb.

Attach graphics, do not embed them into your email

The Subject Line should Read Lesson ... (with the number of the lesson attached)

- Respect and courtesy towards fellow list members is a MUST...flaming of any kind will NOT be tolerated - if there is a problem, please discuss it with the list owners, not publicly on the list.

- No stationery (scrolling or non-scrolling ) or midis are to be posted to the group due to the high volume of graphics (lesson results) sent in and the risk of viruses in scripts. Background images and sigtags will be allowed, however they count towards the total kb of your email which is 100kb for a lesson with a jpg graphic and 150kb for a lesson with an animation.

- No v-cards as they cause some servers problems.

- Anyone wishing to go No Mail, will have to notify the List Owner so that we will know that you wish to stay on the list, and this will help us cut down on Lurkers. We also ask that you stay on Individual Mails as you can not learn from others creations if you can't see them or receive announcements from the List Owners. If you must go on no mail you will be put on Special Announcement so you can get any Announcement from the List Owners.

- Virus Warnings! We know that you want to help protect your computer and let the members know as well. Please contact one of the moderators or the list owner before posting to the group about a potential or new virus.

- **SOLICITATIONS of ANY kind without prior approval from list owners will result in immediate removal (this includes soliciting for other lists without permission, or for voting in Site Fights) If you do have a website and wish to share it with other members please contact the List Owner and they will add it to the Group Webpages.

- ***WAREZ Sites, Pirated software, sharing of crack codes etc. will not be allowed on this list. What you do in private is your business but PLEASE keep it off the list!!

- Please do not send Tutorial Link URL's directly through to the list - instead please forward them to Betty so that she may obtain permission from the Tutorial Author for them to be posted to the group.

- Absolutely no stealing of anyones work, this will NOT be tolerated - if you didn't create it yourself, do not claim it as your work.

- DO not use this list to send cute web pages or jokes! This is a graphics list :)

- Please be responsible when using "Reply To All". If it will benefit the whole list, please feel free to reply to all. But if you wish to comment on someone's work or thank them for a helpful hint, simply reply to that person. The group mail is set to reply to the sender of each e-mail.

Welcome to our family!



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