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PSP Dynasty was founded by Patti on October 21st 2001. Bet
kindly took over the group in 2004 and now Vanessa, the present owner in April 2006

Reach to new heights with PSP_Dynasty, a close knit family community with strong leadership.

PSP_Dynasty is a group for intermediate-advanced users of all versions of PSP who are interested in learning and sharing PSP tools, filters and ideas.

Tutorial writers (new, seasoned or wannabees) are encouraged.

Membership is limited to 40 members and participation is a MUST. Due to limited membership you must be serious about this group and not just joining to belong to yet another group.

All membership requests are subject to approval of the list owners.

Each Monday we send out a selection of tutorials and share the results.

We respect Tutorial Writer's Terms of Use.

A fun group giving links to tutorials each week.

We share the results and help each other out. 

I have learnt a great deal belonging to this Yahoo Group and glad to be the new Owner.

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